A Family Hotel with a Long Tradition

In the Paradise Setting of the Devil’s Garden

In the Paradise Setting of the Devil’s Garden

The Green Heart of Croatia

A Piece of Paradise in the Midst of the “Devil’s Garden”. That’s how the offer of the Bitoraj Hotel and Restaurant, located in Fužine, could be described – the most beautiful part of the “green heart of Croatia.” This is what Gorski Kotar is called today, an area that connects coastal Croatia with its continental part. But once upon a time, this region was known as Hortus Diabolicus, a mysterious devil’s garden whose snow-capped peaks remained unconquered for hundreds and thousands of years.

The people of Gorski Kotar, known as Gorani, inhabitants of this untouched oasis, didn’t try to conquer it, but to live in harmony with it. This coexistence created a unique culinary, natural, and cultural heritage that can be experienced only in the paradise-like surroundings of the devil’s garden. Right in that place, beneath the towering Bitoraj hill and in the shade of the centuries-old Gorski Kotar forests, for almost a whole century, a well-known haven has been reigning, famous far and wide.

Become a Part of This Family Tradition

In the footsteps of the tradition set by the first Fužine guesthouse, Neda, opened back in 1933, the Kauzlarić family has been crafting the story of the Bitoraj restaurant and hotel for decades. Join us in becoming a part of this family legacy.


A Special Place in Fužine's Tourism

Fužine takes pride in its long tourist tradition, spanning almost 150 years. A significant part of this tradition is the Bitoraj Hotel, whose story begins in 1933. In that year, a beautiful and large building was opened in a prestigious location in the center of Fužine, named Pansion Neda after the owner’s daughter. She later, as Neda Andrić, became the first and so far only female mayor of Rijeka. After World War II, the guesthouse expanded and was renamed Bitoraj, inspired by the mountain under which Fužine is nestled.

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