Jezero Bajer – the pearl of Goran is adored by athletes and hikers

Lake Bajer is the oldest of the three reservoir lakes in Fužine. Its name itself hints at its origin, as the word “bajer” means shore or artificial lake. It was created in 1952 with the construction of a dam on the Ličanka River. The primary intention of the builders was to preserve the water resources of this area and utilize them for economic development. Thus, Lake Bajer was conceived for the needs of the Vinodol hydroelectric power plant.

However, it quickly became a popular tourist attraction. Every weekend, hundreds of nature enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy walking along the shores of Fužine’s emerald gem. They also visit the other two reservoir lakes in Fužine. Lepenica is the deepest among them and a favorite spot for swimming during the summer months. It’s a frequent destination for divers and anglers as it’s rich in fish. The smallest lake, Potkoš, is located just outside Fužine, towards Lič, at the foot of Mount Bitoraj. It’s a popular spot for picnics among day-trippers.

Lake Bajer is ideal for walking, recreation, and relaxation.

Relaxation by Lake Bajer

The calm waters of Lake Bajer are perfect for canoeing or boating. During the summer and spring months, you can get to know them better by taking a ride on the tourist boat “Sv. Anton.” A pleasant cruise on the lake takes about 40 minutes and offers a new perspective on the Fužine region. However, the lake also has many attractions along the shore. The lakeside promenade is six kilometers long, making it easy for walkers and recreational runners to enjoy. Some steeper sections provide opportunities for endurance training for more serious athletes. Along the promenade, there’s also a fitness trail with various outdoor exercise equipment. Enjoying the fresh air, after a walk, can be complemented by relaxing in one of the three establishments located along the lake’s shore.

Fish specialties to end the perfect day

Grilled Trout

Sports activities and outdoor leisure build a good appetite. Therefore, the Bitoraj restaurant is often the final stop after a walk around the Fužine lakes. In honor of the region’s water riches, it’s worth trying fish specialties from time to time. Wild trout from the clear rivers of Gorski Kotar is prepared here in two traditional ways. The “millers’ way” involves coating it in corn flour and lightly frying it in deep oil. The simpler preparation on the grill preserves the rich original flavors of this “queen of rivers.” Served with chard and “boiled” potatoes, it will bring a perfect end to an idyllic day spent in nature.



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Become part of this family tradition

The Kauzlarić family has been creating the story of the Bitoraj restaurant and hotel for decades, following the tradition of the first pension in Fužina, Neda, opened way back in 1933.

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