The nights are cool, and the destinations are close

Summer is in full swing. Heatwaves are bringing very high temperatures to Croatia, and almost all European countries, especially those in the Mediterranean, are facing the same challenge. Meteorological forecasts predict a long and (very) hot summer, so many people are looking for ways to escape the unbearable heat. Nights can be particularly uncomfortable when the heat prevents us from sleeping. Temperature deeply affects sleep and is often the cause of poor sleep quality. Experts recommend a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius as the ideal sleeping temperature. During the summer months, without air conditioning, it is almost impossible to achieve this ideal.

Enjoyable Sleep in the Greenery of Gorski Kotar

However, if we move away from the Adriatic coast and head to higher altitudes, into the forests and mountains, the situation changes. The clean mountain air of Gorski Kotar makes staying here exceptionally healthy, nights pleasant, and sleep refreshing.

The slogan “Cool Nights, Close Destinations” has a strong basis in the benefits of the summer climate in Gorski Kotar. This is particularly evident in the case of Fužine, where the beneficial combination of continental and Mediterranean climates in the summer allows for countless activities. During the day, when the sun heats up, you can find refreshment in the Bajer and Lepenica lakes. Even walking, hiking, and cycling won’t be strenuous in the deep shade of the forests. And when, after a day filled with activities, you want to rest well, you will achieve that thanks to slightly lower nighttime temperatures. It is said that some in Fužine even need a blanket at night!

Proximity to Gorski and Coastal Destinations

The geographical location of Gorski Kotar allows its visitors to quickly reach all desired destinations. Especially for those from Rijeka or Zagreb, but also thanks to the advantages of the highway and residents from other parts of Croatia. Therefore, the second part of the aforementioned slogan is realized in the fact that Gorski Kotar and Fužine are located in an ideal position that serves as a base for visiting other destinations during short half-day or full-day trips. This includes coastal destinations because more and more guests are realizing the advantages of swimming in the sea and resting or staying overnight in the mountains.

The accommodation offer in Fužine is truly diverse, from numerous private apartments and guesthouses to comfortable rooms in our Bitoraj hotel in the very center of the town. Many have tried excellent authentic Gorski Kotar dishes in our family restaurant. Hotel Bitoraj can be your ideal starting point for exploring the entire Gorski Kotar and for daily beach trips to the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera.



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The Kauzlarić family has been creating the story of the Bitoraj restaurant and hotel for decades, following the tradition of the first pension in Fužina, Neda, opened way back in 1933.

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