Venison dishes and forest fruits: Harmonious coexistence on the plate

Venison dishes and forest fruits are two fundamental food groups that have been the basis of Gorski Kotar’s cuisine for centuries. Indigenous dishes partly relied on what the tough and stingy mountainous land could yield. However, the richest part of Gorski Kotar’s culinary heritage owes its thanks to the abundant nature that filled this “Devil’s Garden.” Wild boar, deer, or bear are still welcomed guests on the plate. And forest delicacies like porcini mushrooms and beech mushrooms also play a significant role.

The Skilled Hands of Homemakers

The modest kitchen relied on the creativity and skilled hands of homemakers. The relatively limited food supply was compensated for by the richness of flavors. Therefore, original recipes hold great value for enthusiasts of local gastronomy. These recipes contain the artistry of thrifty homemakers who knew how to turn just a few ingredients into true culinary wonders.

The Bitoraj Restaurant’s menu is built upon original recipes and a long tradition. Venison specialties, venison dishes, and excellent creations from wild fruits are sought after throughout the year, but especially in the autumn. Rainy and dim autumn evenings, illuminated by the fire from the hearth, are perfect for enjoying the best that Gorski Kotar’s forests have to offer.

Venison Dishes and Forest Fruits on the Bitoraj Restaurant’s Menu

The Bitoraj Restaurant prepares venison and forest fruits in numerous ways. Wild boar, bear, or deer stew is a must-try, served with hunter’s dumplings. Also on the menu are steaks from bear or deer, while wild boar and deer steaks come with mushroom or cranberry sauce. Meat lovers will be delighted by the wild boar cooked under a bell. A special treat is the Gorski Kotar risotto with deer prosciutto and Gorski Kotar apples!

Those who prefer mushrooms won’t be disappointed. Porcini mushrooms are prepared on a griddle and on the grill, or served as a sauce for fuži pasta or risotto. An interesting item on the menu is beech mushrooms stuffed with prosciutto and cheese. For the beginning of each meal, the mushroom soup is an excellent choice, while the perfect ending to your meal is the strudel with forest fruits



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The Kauzlarić family has been creating the story of the Bitoraj restaurant and hotel for decades, following the tradition of the first pension in Fužina, Neda, opened way back in 1933.

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